Luxury according to a lot of people is just a state of mind, but what if I told you, that the idea of luxury has been tampered by ill-fated precedence such as budget constraints, sub-standard quality, or just feeling of not getting your money’s worth. Let’s take the example of leather shoes. You might find a pair that is stylish, and if fate is on your side, it just might be in your budget, still, can you guarantee that the shoe is legit? Or simply put, is the leather original? Trust me when I say this, I have been through this dilemma quite often, and almost always I’m not satisfied, but as they say, where there is a will, there’s a way
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Some people might think about what exactly are loafers as a shoe style. This is because there are numerous variations available nowadays each having a tint of added style. So, basically loafers are shoes that don’t have laces or fastening and are simply slip-on wearable. They are one of the comfiest and casual carrying shoes and are quite popular in Men Fashion. They are generally low or no heel and are available for men and women both. We can wear them for casual outings and party occasions with a pair of jeans or semi-formal trousers like chinos.
There are various varieties of Loafers:
• Penny Loafer
• Tassel or Kiltie Loafer
• High-Heeled Loafers
• Pump Loafers
• Espadrille Loafers
• Slipper Loafers
• Driving Loafers

These loafers are differentiated on the basis of their shape, style, and occasion.

dapper feet loafers
Dapper Feet’s Loafer collection is a mix of these different style forms in vogue designs. We have a large collection of trendy leather shoes that are perfect to flaunt with. There are different colors and sizes available for all designs. All our range is crafted with premium and genuine leather material handcrafted by our trained and professional craftsmen. We are dedicated to meet customers’ expectations with our creative techniques and innovation. Our products are of the utmost quality that is stylish yet comfortable to wear. Our team strives for perfection and hence accomplish customer satisfaction through our continuous efforts.

Dapper Feet is an online shopping portal that specializes in handcrafted leather shoes. It has a wide variety of original, custom made designs that might just make others stare at your feet, no pun intended. The best part about it is that we use quality grade, assured leather for our designs, and still it’s in your budget. We have a vibrant and exclusive collection of footwear that might just suit any kind of mood. Moreover, the Deal of the day concept offers you never before seen designs that might just complete your look from “just there” to “has arrived”, at unbelievable discounts.

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Our collection includes everything ranging from loafers, monk straps, casuals, etc, so you don’t need to worry whether we have your kind of shoes. In a world that is becoming too dull, repetitive and all-out boring, check out our collection and be exclusive in the footfall. As an added bonus, we have a periodic clearance sale, that just might make you happy and satisfied by buying the shoe you always desired.

So go to and check us out, because, as they say, leather is class, and the class never goes out of style.
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